Local Authorities

Waste collections by local authorities collect 4.2 million tonnes of food waste every year, mainly in the residual waste stream (general bin) but increasingly in food-waste kerbside collections. Our anaerobic digesters already provide the most economical and sustainable answer to the problem of municipal food waste disposal to more than 20 local authorities throughout England, Wales and Scotland. 

Biogen already treats food waste from over 20 local authorities, in both rural and urban areas, helping them to meet their recycling targets. Specialist equipment at our AD plants separates out any packaging which is recycled wherever possible.

•    Our network of sites means we can recycle your food waste wherever you are in the UK
•    Our AD process is cost effective, efficient and green – saving you money and protecting the planet
•    We provide advice & guidance on training crews, streamlining collections and minimising contamination
•    Our haulage solutions are bespoke, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach     
•    We offer marketing support to assist with engagement and participation rates

Our food waste recycling service comes with personal account management and quarterly or 6 monthly reviews.  With 20 years’ expertise, support and operational experience, we’re well equipped to deliver a successful, flexible solution to fit your requirements and offer you peace of mind

We also work with a number of local authorities to recycle their separately collected green garden waste through our network of composting sites. We offer a fully integrated organic waste recycling service meaning a single point of contact and straightforward contract management arrangements.

Find out how you can enjoy significant cost savings and environmental benefits using our recycling services over other disposal routes.  Contact us on 0844 3267241 or email: foodwaste@biogen.co.uk.

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