Food Waste Recycling

Biogen gives you much more than a disposal or recycling service for your bulk food waste.

We give you peace of mind by taking care of all logistics, haulage, permits and paperwork associated with your food waste contract leaving you free to focus on your day job.  Our service includes personal account management and quarterly or 6-monthly reviews.  We’ll provide regular performance reports showing exactly how much food waste you have recycled and the amount of carbon emissions your organisation has saved by sending it to our AD plants.

We tailor everything around your organisation’s own requirements. We will:
•    Handle fluctuating  volumes of food waste
•    Arrange for a local tip
•    Help you decide on appropriate container and schedule of collections
•    Provide tips and guidance on how best to engage and train staff to segregate
•    Provide advice on how to minimise contamination
•    Arrange for food waste to be backhauled from your stores to reduce vehicle movements and carbon emissions
•    Provide marketing support to assist with engagement and participation rates

We recognise the importance of food waste recycling that is easy in practice for everyone. We work with a network of licensed waste hauliers around the UK and we can collect your source separated waste from almost any location. You can also access our service by means of a network of waste transfer stations we have around the country.

With 20 years’ expertise, support and operational experience in anaerobic digestion, we’re well equipped to deliver a successful, flexible solution to fit your requirements and give you peace of mind.


See our film ‘Here for our customers' for more information.


If you’d like to know more please contact us 0844 3267241 or email:

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